Watching some Venom on YouTube. #macomics

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Spider-Man by Rafael Grampá

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I just saw this in my email and that Brian was going to post it. If he didn’t, I would have. Good LORD, I just can’t handle the All-New X-Men team and everything they’re doing. Y’all better be readin’ that book.

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Good Morning! EXCLUSIVE! cover pencils to All-new X-Men 13!!  

you guys have been so nice about all new X-Men and the brand-new issue that came out today that I asked for special permission to post this.  because I think this is stuart immonen at his very best.  

 and this image should get you X nerds heads a’spinning :-)

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Cosmic Marvel Meme - Five Favorite Characters: Star-Lord (Peter Quill)

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From the script for HAWKGUY #3, because i was just asked about it on Twitter:

So what if during this fight sequence, where CLINT kicks a little ass but gets his ass kicked FAR WORSE, he does so NAKED only over his bits is a little purple smiling piece of HAWKEYE clip art — like his face in the old 80’s costume — to cover his junk?

like in the little box there on the left.

Is that… is that the worst idea in the entire universe? If this is in fact a TERRIBLE IDEA, then just crop and frame appropriately. But… but little Hawkeye face. Think about it.

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