A Captain Marvel piece I was doing for myself that I had to postpone thanks to other stuff, it ended up in the end of my to do list so I decided to just post it as it is.

I’ll maybe try and finish it up in the near future.

I did some minor tweaks, like the tatoos. There is the captain marvel symbol on the right shoulder and then the motto “Aim High” which I believe is the air force motto.

I love Carol, she’s a kick-ass character.

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My take of Kate Kane (Batwoman) in batwing cape/ shawl? Or something like a cross between the two (gawd my brain is failing me today). And I know that the long red hair is a wig that she puts on when she’s out fighting crime and she really has short hair, b-but I just REALLY like the long hair! I’ll draw another one of her with short hair one day.

Now that’s done I shall now be off to colour a feline mythology figure!

EDIT: Just saw Jill Pantozzi’s reblog - She’s wearing a caplet! So that’s what that thing is called. I learn something new everyday :3

DC Girls In Sweaters

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to be very honest i prefer james jean’s earlier commercial work with Fables (aside from Prada campaign- forever and always <3 http://katieche.tumblr.com/post/1378970451 )

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