“If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I’ll bet they’d live a lot differently.”

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Girl’s Romances

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to be very honest i prefer james jean’s earlier commercial work with Fables (aside from Prada campaign- forever and always <3 )

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The more time I take for the lineart the messier the colours haha
I had this opened in Painter the entire day, but every time I thought “Let’s DO this” I was put off by Thor’s circle armor things. Free hand circles are the worst.

I want to see The Avengers so very bad.

good night!

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Nightrunner (Bilal Asselah) the French Batman

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To Soar…

Who is this or is this a Batman redesign..?

That is Bilal Asselah, also known as Nightrunner. He’s the Batman Inc Representative for Paris. I think he first showed up in uhhhhhhh Detective Comics Annual #12 (Had to check my comics). But yea he’s a French Muslim that does parkour. He’s pretty awesome if you ask me.

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